Qimonda,  see Infineon

Qimonda has filed bankruptcy in January 2009

Quartier I bis Quartier VIII,  official designations of the reconstructed declared at the Neumarkt, auch slang for the scarce understanding on the construction about the Frauenkirche also,

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I Quartier an der Frauenkirche (Prisco-Areal)
II Carree an der Frauenkirche (V.K.K.), Rampische Str. 29
III Juwel an der Frauenkirche (BaywoBau), Augustiner, ...
IV Hotel de Saxe, Salomonis-Apotheke, British-Hotel, ...
V Schützhaus, Köhlersches Haus, Hotel Stadt Rom, ...
VI Altes Gewandhaus, Sempersche Ladenfront, ...
VII (hinterm Kulturpalast)
VIII (zwischen Residentschloss und Johanneum)

QF, Quartier an der Frauenkirche (),  Own name in the autumn of 2006 opened Quarter I at the Neumarkt.

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Quartier M

Name for the block of flats and shops on the Wilsdruffer Straße / Schloßstraße, which was restored in 2002/03 by the "Wohnbau NordWest GmbH". The block, built in the 60's was upgraded especially by adding the 2 lower floors with shops and this gives, because of its close location to the Altmark-Galerie another inner-City touch.

The front new of shops is completed by the traditional "Schloss-Café", a new Espresso-Bar and youthful gastronomy on the street Wilsdruffer Straße (Latino, Foodie).

Im Bereich Schloßstraße entstanden 48 Wohnungen für betreutes Wohnen, die bereits bezogen sind. In der Wilsdruffer Straße befinden sich 105 "normale" Wohnungen, die größtenteils über modern verglaste Loggien verfügen.

Queckbrunnen a fountain was first mentioned in 1461 and is regarded as Dresden's oldest fountain. A storck, flying over the fountain-house represents the blessing of childbearing. Women who drink the fountains water are supposed to become fertile.
Quohren see special page Bühlau (mit Quohren)